Filtration Apparatus and Consumables, Sterilizer Validation

M-Tech Diagnostics Ltd. is the UK distributor for a comprehensive range of products for use in microbial quality control, sterilizer validation, hygiene monitoring and environmental sampling. The product range includes filtration equipment, filter membranes, filter paper, cartridge, capsule and syringe filters, CHROMagarTM chromogenic media, Whirl-Pak®range of sample collection and storage bags, spore strips, biological and chemical indicators for validation of all types of sterilization protocol.

Filtration Apparatus and Consumables

A comprehensive range of industry standard filtration apparatus and consumables is available to cover all aspects of analytical and production scale filtration. Syringe filters from 3 – 50mm are available for sample and solvent preparation. For larger volume applications capsule and cartridge filters cater for applications which require filtration of larger volumes of material.

Filtration ApparatusIn particular the novel sintered alumina NanoceramTM filter provides exceptional performance at very high flow rates – ideal for removal of virus or bacteria from water or media. Membrane filters are available in cellulose acetate or mixed cellulose ester for water filtration Other materials include Nylon, hydrophobic and also hydrophilic PTFE & nitrocellulose for protein and DNA blotting applications.

Chemical indicators

M-Tech Diagnostics Ltd are U.K. distributors for Raven Biological Laboratories Inc range of biological and chemical indicators. Manufactured in Omaha U.S.A. the products meet the latest U.S.P and E.P requirements and provide a convenient and cost-effective means of validating steam, dry heat, ethylene oxide, gamma irradiation and gaseous formaldehyde or hydrogen peroxide sterilization protocols. Indicators are available as spore impregnated paper strips, suspensions, self-contained indicators or glass ampoules and as stainless steel discs, wires or cotton threads. .

Chemical IndicatorsChromogenic Media: CHROMagarTM

Introduced initially in 1989, Rambach Salmonella agar was the first of a wide range of chromogenic media pioneered by CHROMagar under the direction of Dr.Alain Rambach. The CHROMagar range of products now covers all key food-born pathogens including E.coli, E.coli O157:H7, Listeria monocytogenes , Staphylococcus aureus, and Salmonella.

For water testing applications a combined E.coli/coliform medium to give numerical results by spread /pour plate or membrane filtration in just 24 hours.

For clinical applications selective media are available for detection of urinary tract infections (Orientation agar), Candida albicans, methycillin resistant Staph aureus (MRSA) and, ESBL E.coli.

Chromogenic MediaFor veterinary applications a new product is available improve detection of mastitis in cattle.


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