HEPA Filter Leak Test, Cleanroom Validation

Intech Process Solutions is a dynamic company offering a broad range of services to the Pharmaceutical industry, from testing and calibration to equipment specification and supply.

Intech Process Solutions is a UKAS accredited Calibration Company and so you can be assured of an excellent level of service from a company that is regularly audited by the highest calibration authority in the UK.

The company consists of a team of calibration and validation engineers with many years experience in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry. Our engineers are fully trained in cGMP/GxP practices and hold the relevant training certificates for a several major pharmaceutical companies. We work with Pharmaceutical Production and R&D Companies and Hospitals, looking after routine calibration, validation and cleanroom testing requirements.

Where larger companies prefer to keep their Preferred (or Approved) Supplier Lists as small as possible, our services also extend to include purchasing and supply services.

HEPA Filter Leak Test

Where HEPA filters are installed, it is essential that filters, housing and seals do not allow the passage of particles from the upstream to the downstream side.

HEPA FiltersHEPA FiltersHEPA Filter Testing

If possible, the integrity of the filter can be verified by testing each filter using the DOP (Dispersed Oil Particulate) method where a cloud of oil particles is released at the filter inlet. The resultant airflow at the 'clean' face of the filter, edges and seals are then scanned to make certain that leaks do not surpass the required degree of penetration.

The purpose of HEPA filter leak tests is to confirm the integrity of HEPA Filters, and to identify if they have been compromised between production and installation, or in the course of their normal use.

Please follow this link for more information on Intech's HEPA Filter Testing services

Cleanroom Inspection and Validation

Intech provides complete cleanroom inspection, validation, calibration and testing services that include the following:

  • Temperature mapping / profiling and calibration
  • Temperature sensor calibration (such as those found on wired and wireless monitoring systems)
  • Humidity checks and calibration
  • Differential Pressure gauge calibration
  • Chart recorder calibration
  • Calculation of Air Change Rates
  • Calculation of Room Recovery Rates
  • HEPA Filter leak tests
  • Laminar Airflow Validation
  • Airborne particle concentration test
  • Sound level checks
  • Light level checks
  • Air velocity
  • AHU (Air handling unit) optimisation for power consumption
Cleanroom Inspection and ValidationCleanroom Inspection and ValidationInstrument Calibration

Our services are individually tailored to meet customer requirements. Inspection and Validation reports are extensive, clear and concise. They contain all the information that customers require for QA and auditing purposes including, where applicable, the following:

  • Clearly identified and detailed test reports
  • Diagrams of room layouts
  • Calibration results
  • Photographs of equipment to support report
  • Report summary and recommendations
  • Copies of reference equipment calibration certificates
  • CD Rom of full report in pdf format for viewing on any customer pc.

Industrial Calibration

UKAS CalibrationWe perform calibrations on a vast amount of equipment:

  • Pressure gauges
  • Pressure instruments
  • Differential pressure gauges
  • Chart recorders, graphical and paper
  • Temperature control instrumentation
  • Process Control instrumentation, pressure, flow, weight etc.
  • EMS (Environmental Monitoring Systems)
  • BMS (Building Monitoring/Management Systems)
  • Temperature Sensors and transmitters (-90°C to 650°C)
  • Humidity Sensors and transmitters
  • Airflow, both room and test cabinet
  • Light (Lux)
  • And many more
Industrial Instrument CalibrationIndustrial Instrument CalibrationIndustrial Instrument Calibration

Our industrial calibration services are extremely adaptable and we can ascertain calibration approaches on numerous types of equipment, including custom made equipment that is notoriously difficult to access in terms of service and calibration.

We offer engineers on highly competitive rates on both a short and long term basis and can take on contracts that range from a single day to several months of work.

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