Validation of the Autoclave is classified into the following
1.0 OQ – Operational Qualification
2.0 PQ – Performance Qualification
The validation is being taken up to cater to the new requirements of the GMP. Since it is already in use only OQ and PQ will be considered.


To demonstrate and document that the operations
of the Autoclave take place as specified .
2.0 SCOPE :
Autoclave xxxxx will be qualified to meet OQ.
Microbiologist, Manager Q.C
This should be performed by external agency like IIME.
4.1 Verify the following as per instrument operating procedure and calibration certificate kept in place before validation.
4.1.1 : Temperature display of Autoclave.
4.1.2 : Compound pressure gauge of Autoclave.
Acceptance criteria :
All calibration data found to be within the acceptable norms of calibration certificate.
4.2 Calibration of Thermocouples :
Calibrate all the thermocouples of data logger before and after the validation using standard thermometer and also made available party’s calibration certificates.
Acceptance criteria:
The variation between the temperature of thermocouples and the standard thermometer found to be within the acceptance criteria.
4.3 Heat Distribution Studies
Carry out heat distribution studies by using a multi-point data logger and maintain holding time for 15 minutes at 15 lbs. by fixing all the 12 probes as per diagram-1. Record the temperature and lag time of each probe as per Annexure –1 & 2.
Acceptance criteria
All probes must reach temperature 121-124°C and pressure must be within 15 to 18 lbs for 15min cycle.

Probe No.1 to 12 inside the chamber

Load Pattern
Maximum Load
Load with all the glassware and media filled upto 70%, of the chamber and the details are as follows.
Test-1 : 250ml Conical flasks = 12 Nos with media, 13 Nos without media, 500ml Conical flasks with media = 4nos, 1000ml Conical flasks with media =4nos, Pipette10ml=10nos,Pipette 2ml=10nos, Pipette 5ml=10nos, Pipette 1ml = 10nos,100ml
bottles=20nos ,Filtering unit=10nos, Test tubes =25nos
Minimum Load
Load with all the glassware and media required for a day’s analysis (average).
250ml Conical flasks with media = 6nos, 500ml Conical flask with media – 3 nos., 1000ml Conical flask - 1 Pipette 10ml= 10nos, Pipette 2ml= 10nos, Pipette 5ml= 10nos, Pipette 1ml=10nos, Bottles=10nos, Test tubes - 25nos.
Record the temperature and lag time and tabulate as per annexure 1.

To provide a performance qualification protocol for Autoclave.
2.0 SCOPE :
Specified to Autoclave xxxxx.
Microbiologist, Manager Q.C
4.1 Heat Penetration Studies
Carry out the heat penetration studies by using a multi point data logger for the following loads mentioned. Record the temperature and lag time if any as per annexure 1 and 2.
Acceptance criteria:
All 12 probes must reach temperature 121°C to 124°C and pressure must be within 15 to 18 lbs. for 15 min cycle.
4.2 Microbial limit test :
Incubate the sterilised media flask or tubes from any one Maximum and Minimum load of heat penetration studies and observe for nutritive properties. Bacteria: 30 – 35 °C for 72 hrs, Fungi : 20 – 25°C for 120 hrs
Acceptance criteria:
No microbial growth should be observed i.e. Negative control and Nutritive properties of media must pass
4.3 Microbial challenge test :
Keep ampoules containing spores suspension of Bacillus stearothermophilus 106 ­ population at various location of the autoclave along with probes and maintain the sterilisation temperature at 15psi and 121°C during the heat penetration studies, once on the maximum load.
Acceptance criteria:
Autoclaved ampoules containing Bacillus stearothermophilus spores suspension ampoules should not show any colour change after five days of incubation.
Master Instrument used for validation of autoclave
Institutes name and address carrying out calibration.
Standard calibrating instrument name and number.
Instrument certified against (Instrument of national or international standards)
Date of calibration and validity period of calibration.
Training certificate of persons (External agency) carrying out validation.
6.2 Autoclave being calibrated :
All temperature readings for autoclave being validated should be collected from the approved external agency like IIME.
Validation report with observed any error, statement of calibration and next validation due.
Once in a year until and unless no change in autoclave. In case of any change, the autoclave must be revalidated



CONCLUSION : Finally conclusion should be drawn based on the results of above tests and documented.



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