Bio Decontamination Ltd - Hydrogen Peroxide / Chlorine Dioxide Decontamination

Bio Decontamination Ltd provide a complete facility decontamination service and supply equipment developed to use aerosol based technology that delivers precise, controlled quantities of disinfectant as a dry vapour. Fully documented risk assessments and method statements provide our clients with detailed instruction of health & safety requirements and the disinfection process whilst the equipment employed provides safe validation of the procedure throughout delivery. Bio-sampling of strategically placed spore strips provide our clients with assurance of the disinfection effectiveness.

Bio Decontamination Ltd is a dynamic company that prides itself on being customer focused and has built a positive reputation with its excellent service.

Pharmaceutical Production Facility Decontamination

From 50m³ cleanroom to 8000m³ multi room pharmaceutical production facilities our “dry vapour” process has continually proven effective. The Bio decontamination service provides real time monitoring and tracking of the sterilant dry vapour with the VHS Tracer equipment. At the end of each cycle a readout is provided as confirmation of the vapour levels, coverage and timings. This data along with the international accepted Biological Indicators provide an effective validation of our comprehensive pharmaceutical production facility decontamination service.

Our equipment meets GMP and GLP recommendations and reduces the contact of personnel with chemicals.

Dry Vapour Chemical Disinfection

Disinfection SystemsCustom-built fixed or mobile systems for can be manufactured and installed to operate in any size and/or complicated facility. These can be fully automated with logging capabilities or manually operated and simple, dependant on what the customer and process requires. The vapour decontamination systems generate a vapour with droplets of a consistent size below 1 micron; these quickly evaporate and create a dry vapour. This dry vapour chemical disinfection system is of great benefit in pharmaceutical facilities, hospitals, hotels, clean rooms or any industry that has sensitive electrical instruments, as the equipment can remain in the facility where they will be sanitised but not wetted.

Hydrogen Peroxide / Chlorine Dioxide Decontamination

All our Vapour Decontamination systems, fixed or mobile, have the capability to deliver aqueous sterilant, hydrogen peroxide vapour, chlorine dioxide etc. Our favoured sterilant is hydrogen peroxide with a small amount of peracetic acid, this has proven efficacy against spores, bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is biodegradable and leaves no residue. We also offer chlorine dioxide decontamination facilities.

A detailed Risk Assessment is always conducted and recorded for use before, during and after the dry vapour process to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations at all times. Our clients are provided with a Method Statement featuring the procedures to be employed in order to achieve a safe and effective result.

Sterilisation Validation Service

We offer a full sterilisation validation service to ensure reliable decontamination. To determine the result of our service, numerous spore discs impregnated with Geobacillus stearothermophilus are placed at pre-determined locations throughout the area prior to the commencement of the process. The spore discs are collected and placed immediately into vials of Tryptone broth these are then transport to the VHS validation unit laboratories for cultivation in our incubators and monitored for seven days. If the client prefers we can generate extra discs and leave these for independent processing.

The results are part of the validated service and included in our full comprehensive report which is supplied as part of our package.


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