User Requirement Specification

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User Requirement Specification


Project Name
Project Number
Serial Number
Model Number
Process Line/Location
Protocol number

Index of Specifications Required For This Project

Specifications Included Yes/No
Mechanical Demand Specification
Electrical Demand Specification
Instrumentation Demand Specification
Operator’s Control Panel Specification
Technical Documentation Specification
Environmental, Health and Safety Requirements
Drawing Requirements

Functional Demands

1. Scope of works

Detail what will be required, extent of work, boundaries and borders

2. Functional Requirements

Detail the functionality required of the equipment / process. Include capacities and product size, shape, processing details.

3. Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

This section to be deleted If not required

A plan for factory acceptance testing should be established in consultation with the supplier at the time of order placement. Results of testing should be reported. Reports from FAT should be attached to the Validation File. Attachment included in the validation file

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