Operational Qualification Test Protocol

TEM035 Issue date

Operational Qualification Test Protocol


Project Name
Project Number
Serial Number
Model Number
Process Line/Location
Protocol number


    1. Process Description
    2. (TextDescribe the process which is due to Operational Qualification)
    1. Test Objective
    2. (TextDescribe the objectives of the test)
    1. Acceptance Criteria / Criterion
    2. (TextList all acceptance criteria for the test)
    1. Method
    2. (Describe the methods followed during testing in the protocol)
    1. Results
    2. Raw data pertaining to these results is filed
    1. Critical Operating or Process Parameters
    2. Have critical parameters been identified under this test Protocol? Yes or No Record the Critical Parameters: Indicate which SOP’s or PLC/ Software application version(s) these will be controlled.
  2. Conclusion
  3. Attachments


(TextDescribe the summery conclusion of the test)

Validation Discrepancy Forms nil

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