Validation protocols Cleaning

A Validation Protocol is necessary to define the specific items and activities
that will constitute a cleaning validation study. It is advisable for companies to
have drawn up a Master Validation plan indicating the overall Cleaning
Validation strategy for either the product range / equipment type / entire site.
The protocol must be prepared prior to the initiation of the study and must
either include or reference the documentation required to provide the following
· The objective of the study:
What cleaning process is to be validated (indicating the product to be
removed and the equipment from which it is to be removed)?
If this study is to be employed to demonstrate the acceptability of the
cleaning procedure for a group of products the rational for doing so
should also be detailed here.
The cleaning procedure(s) to be validated should be identified i.e.
cleaning agents, soakage times, equipment parameters, number of
cleaning cycles etc.
· Scope of the study:
The company must evaluate the process and determine which residues are
to be tested for and which are not to be based on sound scientific
What residues (including cleaning agents) are to be tested for, why those
residues (if more residues may be present than are being tested for all
residues should be under control see comments at 8.4). How many times
should the study be run before a report is compiled and recommendations
· Listing of the process parameters to be verified
This is particularly necessary when automated or semi-automated
cleaning techniques are to be employed.
· Sampling and inspection procedure to be used.
The types of sampling methods to be used, where the samples are to be
removed from and how many samples are to be taken. Any particular
requirements should also be stated i.e. for sterile sampling / sampling
light sensitive products.
An equipment sampling diagram should be referenced.
· Personnel responsibilities during the study

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