Cleaning Validation reports

A validation report is necessary to present the results and conclusions and
secure approval of the study. The report should include the following:
· Summary of or reference to the procedures used to clean, sample and test
· Physical and analytical test results or references for same, as well as any
pertinent observations
· Conclusions regarding the acceptability of the results, and the status of
the procedure(s) being validated
· Any recommendations based on the results or relevant information
obtained during the study including revalidation practices if applicable.
· Approval of conclusions
· Review any deviations for the protocol that occurred.
· In cases where it is unlikely that further batches of the product will be
manufactured for a period of time it is advisable to generate interim
reports on a batch by batch basis until such time as the cleaning validation
study has been completed. (Typically, in Active Pharmaceutical
Ingredient Pharmaceutical manufacture, verification is deemed
appropriate during development of the cleaning methods. Where
products are manufactured infrequently, verification may be applied over
a period of time until all measuring data has been collected for the
Validation Report.)
· The report should conclude an appropriate level of verification
subsequent to validation.

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