Plasmids for Vaccine Validation

pCMV-S (also known as pRc/CMV-HBs) (Figure 5) is widely used to validate DNA vaccine delivery and formulation strategies. This plasmid expresses the hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) under the control of the CMV immediate-early promoter.
pCMVHB-S2.S expresses the small and middle forms of recombinant HBsAg. The plasmid can be used to generate anti-HBsAg antibodies like pCMV-S. It is also used to fuse other sequences to the S form of HBsAg.
The antibody response to pCMV-S and/or pCMVHB-S2.S can be tested via ELISA using Aldevron's recombinant HBsAg. Both of these plasmids are available free of charge for research applications (Table 5). These vectors are covered and described by United States Patent 6,635,624 which is available at
Figure 5 — Validate your DNA vaccine delivery and formulation with plasmids provided free, courtesy of Aldevron.


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