Cleaning Validation Wiper

Cleaning Validation Wiper selection to clean critical surfaces in sterile clean rooms has always presented a tradeoff between a wiper that offers efficient pickup of stubbornly adhered residues and fiber generation that results from the wiping action itself. MiraWIPE® through a unique micro fiber construction with a sealed edge perimeter bridges this gap by enabling excellent pick up and entrapment of the most stubbornly adhered residues while minimizing abrasion related fiber generation.
Cleaning Validation SOP's can now be made much more robust and expensive re-cleaning incidents can be greatly reduced.

Sealed Edge
Cleaning Validation Wiper
MiraWIPE® is constructed from a continuous filament, super soft polyester/nylon micro fiber cloth resulting in enhanced absorbency and contamination pickup versus traditional polyester wipers. Woven from an abrasion resistant fabric to minimize In-Use Particles from the face of the wiper. Sealed edge construction and proprietary washing process ensure compatibility with ISO Class 1 clean rooms.
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Improved Cleaning Validations With Efficient Wiping
Micro Fiber construction offers excellent cleaning efficiency allowing MiraWIPE® to remove trace disinfectant residues from Medical Device and Pharmaceutical cleanrooms. It is often said that without proper cleaning, disinfection is hard to achieve. MiraWIPE offers unsurpassed cleaning allowing effective disinfection.
MiraWIPE®'s non-symmetrical micro fiber structure allows it to scrub and remove API, microbial bio-films and sporicidal residues making it ideal for disinfection procedures.
Nylon/Polyester engineered micro denier fibers and super strong sealed edge offer robust abrasion and tear qualities to prevent fiber generation when cleaning critical surfaces in isolators and filling machines.

MiraWIPE® is a micro fiber cloth engineered to resist abrasion damage resulting in cleaner process tools.

MiraWIPE® is a micro fiber cloth which is abrasion resistant to eliminate fiber contamination

Traditional Class 10 Wipers generate abrasion related fibers as a matter of routine cleaning.

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