HCL Launches Computer Systems Validation

New Delhi: HCL Technologies has announced introduction of ‘CrosSView,’ a framework-based computer systems validation (CSV) methodology for the development of robust software applications in the life sciences sector.
According to HCL Technologies officials, CrossView is a template-driven end-to-end methodology that is predictable, repeatable and verifiable, ensuring that software applications developed using this framework meet the exacting standards set for life sciences applications.
HCL Technologies director of life sciences practice, Pradep Nair said, “The introduction and application of CrosSView will enable HCL Technologies to deliver systems with verifiable quality to life sciences customers, thus improving transparency and responsiveness.”
Validation is the practice of ensuring that the software used in the process of manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, or in hospitals for patient data, is completely error free, reproducible, and access-secured.
It includes validation planning, mitigation, system development, or test the optimum and accurate hardware and software performance in highly exacting environments.


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sandip said...

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