Vacuum Chamber Systems Guarantee Absolute Validation

Vacuum Chamber Systems Guarantee Absolute Validation, Low Residual Oxygen

A line of vacuum chamber sealers has been specifically engineered to meet or exceed the validation requirements of medical product manufacturers. Makers of sensitive medical products such as implantable devices, which require assurance of low residual oxygen inside the package, can deploy the C400 TC or C500 TC systems to guarantee results. Both models are built with solid seal bars, enabling a constant and verifiable temperature over the entire sealing surface throughout the full sealing cycle. The systems offer a validation package that is compliant with ISO 11607 standards. Additional features include precision parameter control and alarm capabilities, production data acquisition, visual and acoustic alarming, and external calibration and validation ports. Built from stainless steel and anodized aluminum, both models can be adapted to accommodate multiple product sizes.
Multivac Inc., Kansas City, MO

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