The software requirements specification document should contain a written definition of the software functions. It is not possible to validate software without predetermined and documented softwarerequirements. Typical software requirements specify the following:
  1. All software system inputs;
  2. All software system outputs;
  3. All functions that the software system will perform;
  4. All performance requirements that the software will meet, (e.g., data throughput,
    reliability, and timing);
  5. The definition of all external and user interfaces, as well as any internal software-
    to-system interfaces;
  6. How users will interact with the system;
  7. What constitutes an error and how errors should be handled;
  8. Required response times;
  9. The intended operating environment for the software, if this is a design
    constraint (e.g., hardware platform, operating system);
  10. All ranges, limits, defaults, and specific values that the software will accept;
  11. All safety related requirements, specifications, features, or functions that will be
    implemented in software.

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