cleaning validation Summary

A validation policy should be written for a plant including cleaning validation.
An cleaning validation program should contain the following elements:
1. Assess equipment and products (previous, following)
2. Assess impact of this process on routine processes. If covered under bracketing
then no further validation is required.
3. Determine an appropriate cleaning agent and method
4. Determine acceptance criteria for the residue(s) (including cleaning agents).
5. Determine degree of evaluation required to validate the procedure.
6. Decide what residue(s) (including cleaning agents), are to be tested for based on
solubilities, toxicities etc. and document rational behind decision.
7. Develop sampling and analytical methods for recovery and detection of residues
(swab/rinse, HPLC/dry residue etc.)
8. Acceptance Criteria for the Validation
9. Compile and approve Validation protocol
10. Perform Validation Studies in accordance with protocol
11. Compile and approve a Validation report documenting studies, conclusions and
12. Revalidation policy

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