Monitoring Blend Uniformity with Effusively

The authors describe the measurement of the effusivity of blended and unblended commercial pharmaceutical formulations to effectively differentiate between materials and then to determine if the effusivity changed with blending time. Eight components of a commercially available formulation were tested to determine if their effusivity values were unique enough to permit them to be distinguished.Two aliquots were tested, and the variance between the two was 1.6%.The effusivity values indicated that the blend of the eight components was sensitive to uniformity. The eight components then were blended and samples were extracted at times ranging from 2 to 60 min.The results, when compared with assay results from the drug manufacturer, showed excellent agreement in terms of uniformity determination.

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Ligi Mathews, Christina Chandler, Satish Dipali, Prasad Adusumilli.
Pharmaceutical Technology APRIL 2002

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